Chicken and Leek Soup


1 small stewing chicken with giblets
2 quarts cold water
Bouquet garni
6 whole leeks, sliced
Salt and pepper to taste


Combine chicken and giblets with water in soup kettle. Add bouquet garni. Bring to a boil, skim, reduce heat, and simmer, covered, 2 hours. Discard herbs and remove chicken. Cool, skin, and cut meat into bite-sized pieces. Discard skin and bones. Cool stock, chill, and skim fat from top. Return stock and chicken to kettle. Simmer 5 minutes. Add leeks and simmer, partially covered, 20 minutes longer. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with parsley.


Serves 6-8

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This sounds good but what is

This sounds good but what is Bouquet garni
I have never heard of this so I would like to know so I can cook this.

Bouquet garni is a bundle of

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Bouquet garni is a bundle of herbs. Usually, they're tied with a string and you just take out before you eat. Usually, you combine parsley, thyme and bay leaf. But you can use different herbs depending on what you like.