Cranberry Cheesecake Pie




9 or 10

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I agree with Delphinium. Why

I agree with Delphinium. Why to people post recipes, especially baking recipes where you must be fairly precise with the ingradients, without giving specific measurements? How big of a tin? How big a pie shell? Using the wrong amount or size can definitely have a negative impact on the final product. And people wonder why their recipes get a negative rating.

I'd love to try this but

I'd love to try this but don't want to guess on the sizes of the ingredients. Is it 8 oz. of cream cheese (better softened?), 14 oz. of sw. condensed milk, a 9" (or 10") pie pan, do you mean a 16 oz. can of "whole berry" cranberry sauce (like Ocean Spray sells)? and would regular (flavor-less) shortening also work? It does sound wonderful but I'm too insecure with cooking to make all these assumptions! Thanks--