crispy creamy spinach and meat torotillas


1-8oz box of cream cheese.
1-7oz box of jimmy dean sausage links.
1-cup of shredded chedder cheese.
1/3-cup of chives.
1-pinch of mrs dash seasoning.
1-tablespoon of margarine.
1-11oz package of mission flour tortillas.
1/3 -cup of water.
3- sauce pans
1-baking sheet pan
1/3-cup of baby spinach.


cut up chives and jimmydean sausages. put all sauce pans on low heat. set oven on broil. in one sauce pan add meat and chives. in other sauce pan margarine and milk and cream cheese.

in other sauce pan add water and baby spinach and mrs dash.

keep stirring cream cheese and spinch and meat until well done.

put tortillias on sheet pan and at the bottom of oven until crispy.

take tortillas once crispy out oven spread cream over whole tortillas. put spinach in thethe middle of tortillia then sausauges and chives then add cheese on top. fold one side of the torillilla like taco then serve.

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