Do-Ahead Cranberry Relish


Makes 8 to 10 servings, as a condiment.

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My cranberry relish recipe: 1

My cranberry relish recipe:

1 bag cranberries
4 small oranges(juice type)
2/3 cup pecan pieces
small can crushed pineapple(drained)

Grind cranberries in processor. remove..cut oranges in quarters and remove only the white on edge, then cut into again do not peel,grind in porcessor.

Mix cranberries, oranges, pecans and crushed pineapple. Add sugar to taste..1 -2 cups sugar.

Delicious and healthy..also good with cottage cheese for lunch..can be frozen..

Much better than regular canned cranberry sauce..

Buy extra bags and freeze for later on..

Um-mm-m's every time

I enjoy reading a cookbook

I enjoy reading a cookbook like a good novel. Love all the recipes you have.So simple and so good.