Fast and Fancy Chicken


6 servings

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This sounds like a nice tasty

This sounds like a nice tasty flavour combination. Instead of canned soup and prepared dressing mix, I would like to see fresh ingredients to use.

Would thick (drained) yogurt or sour-cream work instead of canned soup? How about breadcrumbs and fresh herbs instead of the mix?

Does any one know if there is a problem doing that?

yes, you can make a homemade

yes, you can make a homemade white sause, or even use a plain greek yougurt that is thick in it... and I always substitute panko crumbs instead of stuffing mix, if I don't have homemade bread to crumble up myself.
Also: fresh herbs are awesome, me personally used oregano, thyme, a little rosemary, fine onion chopped and some garlik.
Also, if you are budget minded, thighs taht r boned work also very good, and to me are jucier at like HALF the preis if you get a family pack!
Also: substituted margirine with olive oil in stick form for the butter

NOTE-If you have someone in the family who doesn't like/eat mushrooms, its easy to leave them off as many thighs/breast as needed, and gives extra topping to those who do like it! I give those ppl an extra cheese slice:)