Green Chili With Pork


2PoundsPork Tenderloin
2TBSGround Cumin
1TBS Garlic Powder
1TspGround black pepper
1Can-EachChicken and Beef Broth
1CanDiced Green Chilies
5-10SlicesJalapeno or HabaneroFinely diced


Mix flour, cumin, garlic powder, black pepper in a zip lock bag. Add diced pork and shake to coat pork.

Add oil to big pot on high heat. Add floured pork and brown. Save the flour in the zip lock. Add the 2 cans of broth and stir very well. Reduce heat to VERY low and Simmer for several hours. The heat must be on the very LOWEST heat setting or the mix may stick to the bottom of the pot and may burn.

Simmer for one hour, then add the remaining flour to 2-cups of hot water, mix to a watery paste, and add to the pot; Stir well and STIR FREQUENTLY until blended.


Serves 4

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How much flour do you think

How much flour do you think the recipe calls for? I'm thinking 1 cup to coat 2 lbs. of Pork. There is no amount listed for the oil either. I don't know if this just didn't load right on my computer or if these amounts are missing from the recipe.