Grilled Pineapple Sponge Flan


1 fresh pineapple - trimmed and cut in either spirals (if you happen to have that gadget) or just 1/2 " slabs. make sure NONE of the core is present.
1 Large, store bought sponge Flan.
1 Jar of Nutella (an Itallian chocolate/hazelnut combination that is very spreadable) Don't substitue please..
1 container of Good Marscopone sweet cheese spread at room temp. (PS- Don't like this ingredientr Use Whipped cream instead, But no where near the same!).
2-3 tbls Indian Ghee If possible, clarified butter if not.


In a grill pan or good skillet (I spray mine) - melt the Ghee or butter and add the pineapple. Brown on both sides over med/high heat - turn off pan and allow to stand while you complete the remaining steps.

Spread a thin (or thick as you please) layer of the Nutella over the inside of the sponge flan.

Lay the grilled pineapple into the Nutella bed and top with the Marscopone as you would a whipped cream.

Slice and serve in wedges.

* Note: You can layer 2-3 Flans and make it like a torte if you prefer.. delicious!


8 - 10 servings

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