Grilled zucchini


Olive oil
Garlic Salt
Parmesan Cheese


slice zucchini lengthwise, rub with olive oil, sprinkle with remaining ingredients. Grill for approximately 4 minutes on each side.

Total Time

10 Minutes

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Grilled Red Cabbage

Found some people that have done this so going to give it a try...cut out the stem like a round bowl on the that bwl put butter w/spices or bbq sauce or both...found two ways to cook it...(1) make a aluminum ring out of foil and place cabbage in that or (2) put in a baking pan with little water...put on grill away from heat and close cover...cook for 15 to 20 minutes or until tender...can do with green cabbage also

grilling veggies

Do you use a grilling pan with holes or what?

how to grill zucchini

The Editors's picture

Hi, Barbara. You can grill the zucchini directly on the grill. If you prefer, you could also put them in a grilling basket.

How much heat do we give them

How much heat do we give them-at what setting? These really sound yummy-can't wait to try them!