Herb Vinegar


1 cup fresh herbs (basil, tarragon or thyme, for example)
1 quart vinegar



  • Place herbs in a clean quart jar.
  • Heat vinegar just to the boiling point.
  • Pour heated vinegar over the herbs, filling the jar to the top.
  • Seal and store in a cool, dark place for at least three weeks for the fullest flavor. Strain the vinegar into 2 pint bottles and add a fresh sprig of the herb. (Use decorative bottles if you're planning to give these as gifts.)

You can use a single herb in plain white vinegar, or try a medley of herbs in other vinegars. Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but feel free to experiment and invent your own blends:

–white vinegar with tarragon leaves, basil leaves, and peeled shallots

–sherry vinegar with fresh rosemary leaves, minced horseradish, or chopped dried chilies

–red wine vinegar with sage, parsley, and shallots


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What is the shelf life?

What is the shelf life?

Vinegar should be labeled and

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Vinegar should be labeled and dated, and stored in a cool, dark place for use within 2 to 3 months. Or, store it in the refrigerator and use within 6 to 8 months.