Herb Vinegar Aubergine

Herbs picked at the greatest heat of a sunny day should go into this vinegar. The predominant quantity should be of lemon balm, then basil, and tarragon the least. Use for salad dressings, deglazing in fish sauces, and for finishing chicken, fish, and vegetable dishes when a piquant flavor is desired. –Aubergine, Camden, Maine


1 gallon white distilled vinegar (in a glass jug)
Fresh lemon balm, basil, and tarragon


Pour off ¾ cup from a 1 gallon jug of white distilled vinegar. Stuff jug with the freshly picked herbs and set it in full sun for 2 sunny days or until color and scent are well developed. Store in cool, dark place for 2 months before using.

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Makes 1 gallon

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