Huevos Rancheros


2 Corn (yellow, packaged) tortillas
Cooking oil to cover 3/8 inch of a corn tortilla size fry pan
1 handful of chopped, (labeled hot) green chile
1 handful of diced tomato
1 handful of diced onion
1 handful of shredded cheddar cheese
1 handful of shredded lettuce
3-4 tablespoons of (canned if don't do your own) refried beans
1 large egg (fried, over-medium)
1 handful of sauted/cooked diced beef
1 handful of diced tomato
Several splashes of beef broth or water
Per taste:
Dash(s) of garlic salt
Dash(s) of cumin)
8 margarinized saltine crackers
1 bottle of cerveza


With heated Refried Beans (i.e. not Baastan baked beans) and chopped/shredded items at hand, start frying an egg after heating up oil in a small fry pan till it sizzles when you spit a little in it (Ok, use a couple of drops of water.) Slide in a corn (yellow) tortilla; tightly blink your eyes 3ish times; turn tortilla over with tongs and repeat; take out to drain on a paper towel. (You want to master them being flexible, but without floppiness.) Make two of them. Slather on some Refried Beans on one. Place your over-medium fried egg on the beans. Cover with grated cheese. Cover with chopped green chile that has been heated with splashes of water or beef broth. (Optional: In a small pot, combine and heat chopped chile with diced beef along with diced tomatoes that are now hand squished. Add splashes of broth or water and dash with/without garlic-salt and/or cumin) Sprinkle on diced onions and tomatoes and shredded lettuce. Top with the second corn tortilla. In preparing your tortillas, you want to get them so you are able to slice through them with a steak knife, but you don’t want them wimpy. I like to eat this with saltines with a slight dollop of margarine and a beeyah….helps to ‘manage’ the heat for us Gringos….LOL. Muy sabrosa. Bon Appetite. [Please note: the healthy thing about New Mexican/Mexican food is you don’t need to add salt….enjoy the taste of the chile!]


1 Serving

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