1 cup Kenyon's Johnnycake Meal*
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
Boiling water


Combine first 3 ingredients. Pour boiling water over mixture very slowly, adding just enough to swell the meal. Let it sit for several minutes, then add enough milk so mixture will drop from a spoon. Heat greased pancake griddle or iron skillet and spoon batter onto hot surface. Turn to brown other side and serve with maple syrup and butter.

*Some New England cooks make johnnycakes from white or yellow cornmeal, but many prefer a special johnnycake meal which is milled in Rhode Island. In 1906 Charles Kenyon purchased a mill built in 1886 and expanded what had been a local miller’s trade into a commercial business. Today the mill still supplies many New England kitchens with johnnycake meal, plus an assortment of other stone-ground flours.


Makes approximately 8.

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