Lobster Stew

Although Bertha doesn’t like it for anything else, frozen lobster can be used for this stew if necessary. But remember; Bertha warns, frozen lobster can be kept only about a month before it gets rubbery.


1/4 pound butter (not margarine)
1 pound freshly picked lobster meat
1-1/2 quarts milk


Melt the butter in a large skillet. Let lobster meat simmer in the butter, cooking the lobster slowly. The meat should get very juicy, and there should be no butter left in the pan. As the lobster meat absorbs the butter, heat the milk slowly, but do not let it boil. When the lobster meat is cooked, it should be beet red. Add the lobster to the milk. If you make it correctly, you won’t need any seasoning, or paprika for color. The stew will taste even better if stored in the refrigerator overnight and then reheated.

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Makes 4 large servings.

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