Malakna Steak


4-8 pounds thin sliced beef /New York strip steak
Cavendars all-purpose Greek seasoning
celery seed seasoning
Minute Rice
steamed vegetables


Purchase thin sliced meat, thus the seasoning slowly cooks into the meat while it is cooking. Place 2 slices of meat at a time in the skillet for a few minutes, covered in warm water on low heat now while they are cooking its time to prepare your seasoning sauce … seasoning sauce is fairly easy to make: purchase Cavenders all-purpose Greek seasoning and celery seed. Use a small glass bowl use 4 oz./8 tablespoons of the Greek seasoning and 2 tablespoons of celery seed plus 1 cup of boiling water. Combine the ingredients into a thick-like paste so your sauce is done so lets get downright into the cooking mood … just about every skillet can hold up to 2-3 slices of meat. Turn up the heat to medium pour a little of the sauce from a spoon onto the meat while it continues to cook. This makes the meat very tender and delicious for anyone who likes seasoned meat. Remove each steak from the pan when they are done and place in a covered dish container to stay warm now its time to steam your vegetables or rice, follow the instructions on the box or bag.


Serves 5-12 people


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