Maple Syrup Bran Muffins


12 muffins

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Wow! Thanks for posting this

Wow! Thanks for posting this recipe but I think this would be costly considering the fact that maple syrup is very expensive specially if it's a pure, real maple syrup. The cost of this syrup can go as high as $100 per gallon. The Food and drug administration and state DOA in Vermont both tested samples of an item promoted as "real" maple syrup. The item, however, turned out to be sugar syrup. The incident pushed some to be very careful in purchasing the product and in fact, it is now being worked in the senate as initiated by Senator Leahy trying to strengthen maple syrup law. This law, if approved, would be of great help for the consumers to get rid of fake maple syrup in the market because it would strengthen protections for the brand of Vermont maple syrup.

What are the nutritional

What are the nutritional facts on these muffins. Can substitutions be made for the maple syrup, something with less calories but the maple taste?

Could raisin bran cereal be

Could raisin bran cereal be substituted for the branflakes? Love the maple syrup for this recipe.

Sure--any type of branflakes

Sure--any type of branflakes will do. Just be aware that Raisin Bran has added sugar, so it may alter the taste a bit.