Northern Fried Chicken


2 frying chickens, cut up (4 drums ticks, 4 second joints, 4 wings, 4 breast pieces, 4 back pieces--use a cleaver)
cooking oil
2 eggs, beaten
pinch of powdered garlic or tarragon
2 cups flour


Wash and dry the chicken pieces. Pour flour into a paper bag, and season with salt and pepper and garlic or tarragon. Beat eggs in bowl. Shake chicken pieces separately in paper bag, dip into egg, and then shake again in flour (replenish egg and flour mixtures if necessary). Meanwhile, heat 4 inches of oil in a heavy pot or Dutch oven. When oil is hot enough to brown a bread cube instantly (350-370 degrees F), put in chicken pieces, one or two at a time. Cook until golden brown on all sides, turning once (8-10 minutes). Line baking tin with paper toweling. Place chicken pieces as they are browned on paper toweling, not touching each other. When all pieces have been browned and placed on the tin, bake in an oven preheated to 250 degrees F for 1-½ hours, or until done. To reheat, place pieces in a paper bag and heat through in a low (200 degrees F) oven.


Serves 6-8


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Northern Fried chicken recipe

this recipe is similiar to the one I use except I add buttermilk & mix it with my eggs.
Thank you for a great recipe!
Have a great day!