Peach Charlotte with Strawberry Sauce


Serves 6-8

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I made this the other day,

I made this the other day, and was very pleased ! It is impossible to find lady-fingers in this town, when I need them, [I made them ONCE, and opted for a different solution this time.] I bought a pound cake and cut it to fit the dish.
I felt this recipe needed MORE PEACHES, so I pureed a peach and spread it over the cake ( lady-fingers ) and followed the recipe from that point on. I did not see why one would have to strain the custard, since it was a smooth as can be, but I did anyway. Just made for another item to wash.( ha ha )
This was VERY delicious, and I shall make this to serve guests, or for an afternoon formal 'Tea'.
Thank you ! I rate this a 4 out of 5 star recipe.