Pot Pie


5 peeled, cut-up carrots
1 cup onion, chopped
3 peeled, cut-up potatoes
Leftover chicken or beef
1 cup frozen peas
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/3 cup water


Cook cut-up carrots, onion and potatoes by boiling in 3-4 cups chicken broth until done. Add cooked chicken and 1 cup frozen peas. Bring to boil again. Reduce to simmer. Mix ¼ cup cornstarch with ⅓ cup water (this is approximate, should be thick but you able to stir it) and pour in. Allow to simmer until the broth thickens. Pour into casserole dish and top with pie crust or you can pour chicken vegetable filling into casserole and top with biscuits. Cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

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turkey pot pie

I love pot pies and this is so simple, like that too.Thanks for the tip.I Will make this one.