Poultry Brine

I started brining poultry about 5 years ago and found it made for a much tastier bird. I do my turkey every Thanksgiving this way now, but Cornish game hens, whole and parts of chicken are also worth doing. Adjust amount of brine required as this will vary depending on how much poultry you’re brining. Use these measurments as a guide. Experiment to your taste!


1-1/2 gallons water
2 cups Kosher salt
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup molasses
2 tablespoons rosemary
4 tablespoons tellecherry pepper
1/4 cup Louisiana crab boil
1/2 cup white vinegar


Make sure everything is dissolved. If you boil a small amount of the water with some of the ingredients, it’ll go faster. Make sure the poultry remains submerged by using a weight. Temperature must remain at 40º or less to avoid problems. You can refrigerate or keep temperature down by using ice and a thermometer. Brine Cornish hens 4 hrs to overnight. Turkeys for up to 3 days! When you remove from the brine, rinse with fresh water and let the poultry sit to drain excess water. Pat dry with paper towels and do your thing! You can experiment by adding cinnamon sticks, lemons or other fruit, hot peppers, wine, apple cider, etc.

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