Quail Pies


4 quail
4 carrots, cut in strips and cooked
1 small can pearl onions
1 package frozen spinach souffle
dried tarragon
1 recipe flaky piecrust


Parboil the quail gently in salt water for 45 minutes. Defrost the spinach and place a layer on the bottom of each 4 individual baking dishes. Add a few carrots and pearl onions. Brown the quail in butter, breast side up, and place one in each baking dish. Dot with butter, add finely minced parsley and a pinch of tarragon to each dish. Prepare the piecrust, divide it into four parts, and roll out. Cover the pies in such a way as to have the quails’ legs protruding slightly through the crust. Ornament the crust with cut-outs, dipped in egg yolk, brush the pies with egg yolk to glaze and bake for 40 to 50 minutes in a 400 degrees F oven.


Serves 4

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