2-1/2 pounds (about 10 cups) unbleached, unsifted flour (Marguerite prefers King Arthur)
1 tablespoon salt
3 medium eggs
Boiling water as needed


Make a well in the flour on a pastry board. Add salt. Partially beat eggs before adding to flour. Add eggs gradually; mix with fingers until dough resembles the texture of cornmeal. Sprinkle the boiling water on mixture starting with only ¼ cup, and work well into dough. Add more boiling water as needed until dough is smooth and pliable, but not too soft. Knead dough for about 5 minutes. Pat with some water, cover, and let sit for about half an hour. Prepare filling and meat sauce while waiting for the dough.


Meat Sauce:


Enough sauce to serve 6, ravioli to serve 9.

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