Sourdough Onion-Potato Rye Bread with Caraway

Rye Sour




3 loaves

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Rye Bread instructions

Just wondering; why does the recipe say to put about a dozen ice cubes in the heated pan in the oven?

ice cubes in the oven

Hi, Candy, Good question! As the ice cubes melt, they slowly release moisture into the oven. Seeing as how this is a prize-winning recipe, we’re inclined to think it’s a better idea that simply using water—or no moisture factor at all!

This bread looks to be so

This bread looks to be so delicious, however there appears to be sections missing in the recipe...such as the three cups of flour, the cornstarch etc,
Please email me with the full recipe. This will be a hit with my family.
Thank you

Laura, thanks for pointing

Laura, thanks for pointing out that some of the text was missing. We have updated the recipe.