Southern Fried Chicken


1 small chicken, cut into pieces
salt and pepper
large bottle of Crisco liquid oil
flour (either plain or self rising)


Salt and pepper chicken pieces. Take gallon size zip lock bag and add flour. Add a few chicken pieces, close bag and shake well to coat. Remove chicken pieces to a paper plate. Add more flour if necessary to bag. Add more chicken and shake well. Continue until all pieces are coated well. Meantime, add oil to frying pan until about halfway up the side of pan. Heat until a few sprinkles of flour added to hot oil sizzles. Add a few chicken pieces but do not crowd. Cut heat down just a little. Fry for about 5 minutes on one side, then gently turn pieces to other side. Keep flipping back and forth until medium brown. The key is NOT to BURN the chicken. Take pieces of chicken out and drain on paper towel placed on a plate. May need to change the paper towel if necessary to absorb all the grease. Once all pieces are fried, change to a nice platter. Good, hot or cold. Good at church functions and picnics too!!


about 8 pieces of chicken

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