Stuffed Squash


2 large squash
pack of crackers (Premium or Zesta)
1/2 stick of land of lakes butter
1/2 onion


Pick 2 large squash, wash and cut ends off. Boil whole until tender, cut longways, scrape the seeds and some of the meat (leaving only shell) and put into food processor or blender. Spray cookie sheet and arrange shells. Add ½ onion, and about a pack of crackers, (zesta or premium) and about ½ stick of Land of Lake Butter to the seed mixture into blender or food processor. Mix all together till thickened, and put back into shells. Place into preheated oven till golden brown or about 25 min at 350. Take out of oven and place a slice of american cheese (or other) on top and let melt.


4 servings

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