Vegetarian Chili Topped with Spicy Corn Bread

Vegetarian Chili



6 servings

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cooking on a low-medium heat

cooking on a low-medium heat brings the moisture out of the veges so they steam to softness and don't burn. Can of diced tomatoes also adds moisture. It's supposed to be thick, so don't add water. I tried this recipe and came out with very good results. No need to add salt/pepper. The cornbread isn't really spicy, but the sharp cheddar on top gives a nice zip. Overall, good blend of flavors with eye-appeal.

Maybe you're supposed to use

Maybe you're supposed to use the other half a jalapeno to spice the cornbread up!

I started making the chile, but it seemed odd that there wasn't any water or broth added, so I added about 6 cups veggie broth. That made it more soupy, but it also made enough to feed my family of 4. I also added chopped onion and garlic and a little more chile powder and some ground cumin. Getting ready to eat it now!

Can't wait to try this recipe

Can't wait to try this recipe but have a question: what ingredient makes the *cornbread* spicy as per the title? The only spices I see are in the chili portion; the honey and cilantro in the cornbread don't quite match up to a jalapeno pepper, chili, etc. Thanks,