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Reward Your dog with a Healthy Treat

The Organic Hound Dog Treats
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Let’s be honest, if you’re a dog lover, it’s nearly impossible to say no to those sad eyes, especially when you’re eating something right in front of your canine companion. But whatever you like to eat (e.g., BBQ potato chips for me) isn’t always the right thing to share with man’s best friend.

A Smart Alternative that Dogs Love
Luckily, The Organic Hound Company offers a smart alternative to the many commercially produced dog treats made with vegetable and animal by-products that would make anyone sick—including your beloved pet. This company uses locally sourced, 100% certified organic ingredients that are wholesome and packed with health benefits.

Go Organic
Downsized from their comfortable office jobs, the three women who started The Organic Hound Company had a passion and a mission from the get-go: To bake the most nutritious, best-tasting, organic biscuits for dogs. Thanks to their unwavering commitment to produce a treat that you can feel good about giving to the dogs in your life, tails are happily and healthfully wagging.

Avoid Allergies
Jess, Michelle, and Deb (true dog lovers) did a whole lot of research and persevered to finally arrive at three biscuit recipes that do not include any wheat, corn, or soy. Widely used in other dog treats, these grains are common triggers of food allergies in dogs.

Mitigate Dog Ailments
Best of all, each flavor is specially formulated to provide nutrients that are beneficial in mitigating common canine ailments. There’s Pumpkin Ginger for dogs with digestive issues, Beef Heart to promote cardiovascular and musculoskeletal vitality, and Peanut Butter Flax for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Now, isn’t it rewarding to know that you can treat your furry friends to something that’s good for them?

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