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A Sanctuary from the Rain and City Life

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I grabbed my mom’s old camera bag that has been turned into a vintage-looking purse, and headed towards Volunteer Park. It was a typical Seattle day with cloudy skies and rain pouring down, but it didn’t stop me from my mile and a half walk to find this acclaimed park!

Despite the overcast, a view of the space needle that I had never seen still peeked through when I arrived at the park.

Maybe I was lucky to go on a day it was raining; the park had very few visitors, beautiful, and surreal. Everything was green and in full bloom. The only people out were folks walking their dogs, bobbing heads to their music.

As I continued past blooming tulips, rolling hills, and historic brick buildings, I came across the gem I came here for: the Volunteer Park Green House.

When I entered the greenhouse, I was amazed: small creeks and homemade wind chimes filled the silence as I snapped away at the flowers, capturing the beauty with my camera. Places like Volunteer Park are all over the world, providing a place to learn, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Do you have a favorite place like this?

The greenhouse when I first walked in, my camera took a few minutes to adjust to the humidity!

Orchids and Begonias, some growing in large cages in the greenhouse to avoid being touched.

Bromeliad species, members of the pineapple family, number over 2000.

Angel Trumpets hang just above my head as I walk through.

A beautiful blue Hydrangea and Epiphyllum hybrids (Orchid Cactus) from the collection are displayed with their spectacular flowers.


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