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The Sun Brings Out Pale Legs and a Healthy Herb Garden

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After weeks of rainy weather and a hint of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest, I began to see life in my bag of herbs! If you are just joining me: A few weeks ago, I took advice straight out of The Garden-Fresh Cookbook and turned an ordinary bag of potting soil into a “grow bag.” The plants, like myself, are basking in the good weather. I’m happy to report that while my herbs are still small, they are healthy and happy!

And, yes, my friends, with the weather in the mid-50s, it’s time for shorts, garden gloves, and SPF15 for this blogger.

I widened the holes in the bag that the herbs have been growing in for the past 3 weeks so that they can enjoy more sun exposure. I have seven herbs in this grow bag: basil, chives, marjoram, oregano, parsley, sage, and thyme. There’s a lot going on in each of the holes, especially since there’s not just one but several herbs sprouting from each. After another week of growth, I will transplant each section of herbs to small pots. As of now, the chives, oregano, sage, and thyme are most visible in this mini yet mighty herb garden.

If you’re interested in starting your own herbs in a bag, check out my previous post, “Easiest Garden Ever: Herbs in a Bag,” for some helpful tips! And if you too are fighting a delayed spring, I hope you’ve found some sun for your plants!


Jane received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at Western Washington University where she studied Creative Writing. She now lives in the greater Seattle area, where she writes and drinks copious amounts of coffee. When she isn’t writing, cooking, gardening, or taking photos, you can find her at local shows and concerts, or running to prepare for yet another half marathon.

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