Lavender and Marshmallow Tea

Enjoy an unexpected tea combination!

October 5, 2020


J Lutz

Have you ever wondered about experimenting with different herbs to make the perfect cup of tea? If so, you’ll be glad to know that it is extremely simple to infuse tea—with our recipe for Lavender and Marshmallow Root Tea. 

Tea has many satisfying powers and, in my opinion, has a much more pleasing feel than a mug of heavily brewed black coffee. Tea is a subtle addition to a happy morning, a wake-up during a drowsy afternoon, and a great way to wind down after dinner. Doesn’t everyone need these things each day of the week? I am speaking to men here, as well.

Most haven’t thought of a cup of tea as a personal experience, but if you infuse your own tea, it is just that. It’s quite easy, and it becomes second nature after the first time you try, not to mention an oh-so-much-cheaper process than buying tea bags at the store.

To infuse tea, you need to purchase an infuser. An infuser is usually metal and ball-shape with tiny holes covering its entire surface. A chain dangles on one end for easy removal from piping, hot water. You place herbs and tea leaves inside the infuser and clasp it together.

I bought an adorable infuser (yes, I spent the extra dollar to make sure I was brewing in quite quaint style). It is a teapot looking figure that opens and closes when you push up and down on the top. A pattern of star-shape holes for straining purposes covers the sides of the infuser and its bottom. You do not need to purchase a fancy infuser, let alone a metal one. In China and Japan, they use a basket type infuser that gives the tea a unique taste!

Infusing Lavender Tea

The beginning step for infusing tea is experimenting to find herbs you love. Don’t think about what will taste perfect together; trying different combinations is all part of the fun.

Do rosemary and echinacea appeal to your senses? How about dandelion and mint? If you want to make a healing tea, we have herbs and their properties listed as a handy beginning guide on our gardening page.

The first tea I ever brewed was a blend of lavender and marshmallow root.

  • To begin my brewing process for lavender and marshmallow root, I put a teaspoon of the lavender and a teaspoon of the marshmallow root into the infuser.
  • I placed a pot of water on the stove and brought it to a boil, as you would when brewing store- bought tea bags.
  • I then poured the water into a mug and placed the infuser in it. Think of the infuser as a metal tea bag. Some like to cover the cup to keep the aromas in.
  • The steeping process was a little longer than brewing an English breakfast tea. I waited 10 minutes and it was done.
  • Most like to take the infuser out, but I love lavender and wanted the strong scent to linger every time I took a sip.


Infusing tea is so easy and fun; not only does it satisfy your senses, but also you can make an occasion out of it. Invite friends over to try different varieties, and mix and share herbs!

What are your favorite herbs to brew—or, preferred teas to drink?

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