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Turn Old Potatoes into New Potatoes

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My herbs in a bag, which I talked about planting in a previous post, are now placed in a wheelbarrow that I wheel in and out of the sun and rain … well, mostly out of the rain. For elsewhere in the garden, it’s time to begin churning the soil for new fruit and vegetables! With that in mind, I have a basket of Irish Cobbler potatoes perfect to help me start an early spring garden.

It’s a little early to begin planting potatoes, so those in areas with potential for a late winter frost should wait until early April to avoid rotting. I too may have to restart my potato garden, but with Northwest sunshine on the horizon, I decided to start planting right away!

Potatoes are started from “seed potatoes,” which you can buy from a nursery or gardening store. Don’t use potatoes you can buy from a grocery store—these have been treated to ensure maximum shelf life and won’t be as conducive to growing. Look for seed potatoes with “eyes.” Cut off the eyes and place them cut side down into the soil.

I found that potatoes were easy to plant. I made sure to plant each piece about 10 to 12 inches apart from each other and 3 inches down into the soil. I only planted about six of them, and intend to plant more later in the month. I’m excited to get things started!

If you too are starting or planning your spring garden, what else are you planting? If you are growing or have grown potatoes, I’d love to hear any special tricks or tips you may have! If you’re interested in growing potatoes but don’t have a lot of room, check out this Almanac.com video for growing potatoes in a trash can!

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