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Useful Hints from The 1900 Old Farmer's Almanac

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We are taking a look back at some useful hints on everything from household chores to curing the sick—all courtesy of The 1900 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

Useful Hints from 1900

Iron pillowslips lengthwise instead of crosswise if you wish to iron wrinkles out instead of in.

Do not give sick people fried foods or anything highly seasoned. Avoid hot bread and biscuits and strong tea and coffee.

Bathe the face and hands of a feverish person with warm water that has a bit of common soda dissolved in it. A few drops of alcohol or cologne are often pleasant to use to bathe the sick.

Marble washstands and mantelpieces can be cleansed by simply washing the surface with warm water to which a little borax has been added, polishing afterward with a dry cloth.

House cleaning should have no fixed date, but should depend entirely upon the weather. It is rarely warm enough to leave off fires until late in the spring, but many small things can be done before the real cleaning begins.

Steel kept in quicklime will not rust. The best thing for cleaning it is unslaked lime, but care should be used, as it may affect the eyes.

Tansy leaves scattered around spots infested by ants will cause them to disappear.

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