2017 U.S. Weather Forecast - Tim Clark

Contributing Editor, Tim Clark, discusses the 2017 U.S. Weather Forecast

August 18, 2016

The 2016–2017 long range predictions for the U.S. are available! Contributing editor Tim Clark shares some highlights.

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Weather in Oklahoma!

We are getting married on March 4, 2017 in southern Oklahoma! What's the weather prediction?

Wedding weather in Durham, NC

Hello, we're having a wedding in Durham, NC the weekend of Oct. 7th, and 8th. Wondering what the weather will be like. Hoping for sunny skies and NO rain! Thanks!

Uninvited Guest

The Editors's picture

Hi, Laurie: Looks like ‘cane rain to us, in the form of uninvited guest Matthew! But not to worry: A wedding storm means a marriage warm. Stay dry and safe!

winter weather in central tx waco tx..specifically precipitation

I always have a winter garden but water in our area is going sky high and i am debating having my usual size garden ,, I garden in raised beds... gardening is important to me I am 81 and have been gardening all my life !!! You have been really accurate with your predicitions for my area !! Thanks Marge


What is the weather prediction for October 29, 2017?

October 14, 2017

Hoping for warm(ish) weather in the Twin Cities, MN next year for an outdoor ceremony with the fall colors! Date is 10/14/17. Any insight on what to expect weather-wise?

Wedding weather

We're hoping for no rain, but everything I've read says rain for 7/1/17 for Charles City, VA. What do you think? Thanks!!

Wedding Weather:)

Hello, I've looked up the history for my local weather and it looks like precipitation is average .11inches. We are hoping and praying to have an outdoor Wedding reception on 9/16/17. We'd have a tent of course, but wondering what you think the weather could be like for temperature and precipitation. I'm located in La Crosse, WI (Western boarder of WI, on the Mississippi River). Thank you much for your time and knowledge:)

9/16/17 weather

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Hi, Shannon, La Crosse is so close to the edge of two of our weather regions that we checked both: in the days preceding your wedding we are predicting showers; on the day of we are predicting sunny, warm weather. It’s good you rented to the tent… to give folks a little relief from the sun. Good lluck and best wishes to the happy couple!


What is the weather say for April 15th, 2017? Thanks!

For Kansas I should of

For Kansas I should of specified!

April 15 weather ...

The Editors's picture


Weather for Ap 15 in Kansas

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In the western half of Kansas, Chelsey, April 10 to 18 will have showers, then sunny cool. In the eastern half, April 15 to 19 is sunny cool. We hope you get the weather you want! (The forecast dates do not match among regions; that’s why these do not match.)

Forecast Northern California

What is the winter forecast for us?

Winter forecast 2016-2017

The Editors's picture

Based on historical averages, your winter is expected to have lower temperatures and precipitation than average, and less snowfall than average. Learn more in The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac.


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