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The Big Bug Hunt Video Clip Competition 2020


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If you love watching out for insects in your garden, or simply have spare time on your hands during the coronavirus lockdown, there’s a new competition that may have your name on it! Just take your phone and video bugs you find in your garden. We’re offering to pay for every clip featured in our Bug ID Guides!

The Big Bug Hunt is an international citizen science project tracking when bugs emerge and spread with the progress of the growing season. Thousands of gardeners have joined the effort to report the bugs they find, and the reports they submit are being used to develop a cutting-edge pest prediction service that will help gardeners to control bugs naturally and organically. 

The pest prediction service will include a series of videos to help gardeners identify pests and see how to control them organically. This is where The Big Bug Hunt Video Clip Competition comes in!

Video clips of particular bugs, the damage they cause, methods of finding them, and different organic techniques to control them are all needed. Every clip that ends up being using in one of the bug identification videos will earn between $10 and $50, depending on quality and how it’s used and you can submit as many clips as you like, earning cash for every one that’s used.  As well as a possible reward, the very best video clips will be recognized and proudly shared on The Big Bug Hunt Facebook page.

Head over to The Big Bug Hunt competition page to find a constantly updated list of the clips required and details of how to enter.

Listen to Ben’s tips in the video on how to best video your insect to get accepted!

Video Clip Tips for Acceptance

You can enter many different clips and have the chance to be awarded multiple prizes! We’re looking for high-quality short clips (20 seconds max) of bugs in your garden and the organic methods to control them. Video clips need to be:

  1. Taken in landscape orientation at the highest quality your camera or phone can be set to.
  2. Steady video without the camera or phone moving. Using a tripod is ideal but leaning against a solid object or support will also work.
  3. As close as possible to the bugs (or plant if filming bug damage) without them becoming blurry.
  4. No narration - just the background sounds of your garden will be fine!

The Big Bug Hunt Video Clip Competition is running during spring and summer 2020. Please see bigbughunt.com/competition for competition details and how to send us your video clips!

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