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August 31, 2018

Winter is coming! And as sure as the Sun rises and sets, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is back with the official long-range predictions! American’s oldest and most popular almanac has released the 2018–2019 winter weather forecast. Here’s more information.

Winter Weather Summary

Let’s cut to the chase. For most regions in the United States, the Almanac is predicting a very mild winter with above-normal temperatures. It’s still winter! However, the temperatures won’t be quite as cold as your typical winter.  

This winter, the U.S. should also expect below-normal snowfall. Again, there WILL be snow.  However, the snow will not be as heavy as we would see in typical years. (By typical, we are referring to 30-year historical averages.)

Exceptions include the Southwest (be prepared for increased cold and snow) and greater snowfall in the nation’s midsection and most of the Intermountain region.

For most Canadian regions, it will be colder than usual! Expect below-average winter temperatures. Exceptions include Pacific Canada and the southern two-thirds of Ontario which will see more typical winter temperatures, while northern Atlantic Canada’s temperatures will be wintery but warmer than what’s typical for the region. 

All of Canada can bank on above-average snowfall throughout the season.

Looking for more detailed information? Find all of the regional predictions for the next 12 months in The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac! Browse the full list of retail stores that carry The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Or, pick up a print or digital copy now on or on today!


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Some days I wonder...

"For most Canadian regions, it will be colder than usual! Expect above-average winter temperatures" - Thus I don't take much stock in the forecast. However there are other useful things in the almanac


The Editors's picture

Sorry, that was meant to say “below-average temperatures.” We’ve updated the article.

Your predictions

I find it strange that you would say that Canada is going to have cold winter!etc. I live in an area that is often affected by what comes from the ststes. And we’re a lot closer to Michigan where you have it marked as warm and dry. So, guess what? I don’t believe you!

2018-2019 Winter Forecast

IT keeps changing same as NOAA!!! Very frustrating for nationwide propane business. NOAA just said they will update tomorrow - on 15 NOV. When will Farmer's Almanac post their most current Winter weather forecast?

Thank you.

Winter Forecast

The Editors's picture

Because our forecasts are made so far in advance—whereas NOAA’s forecasts are not—we do not update our winter forecast as the season progresses. You can find our full forecast for winter 2018–2019 at this link:

Farmers Almanac

Hi, Even tho I can't read the signs in the Almanac like my mother did , I still love reading all the interesting things! Thanks!


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