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Brussels Sprouts Recipes From Garden-Fresh Cookbook

The Editors

In this video, learn cooking tips for brussels sprouts and see an all-new recipe, Brussels Sprouts with Sun-dried Tomatoes, from the Garden-Fresh Cookbook.

You may think you don’t like brussels sprouts, but give this recipe a try and you just may change your mind!

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Justin Saldanha (not verified)

4 years 1 month ago

Hello, when you refer to planting and the phase of the moon waxing or waning, does it relate to starting the seed indoors or planting in the ground? Since getting the Almanac news letters I have learnt a lot. I have started some seed indoors and will put them in the veggie patch in May. I leave about 18 inches between the rows of tomatoes is that enough or too much? Thank you for the assistance and best wishes.

mclapper (not verified)

10 years 5 months ago

i buy almanac most years,read front to back,also have a couple cookbooks