Easy Pea-sey: How to Plant Peas


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St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) is the traditional day for planting peas, one of the easiest plants to grow. And we’ve got a very easy and resourceful way to plant those peas. See how!  (Warning: sense of humor required!)

See more tips on our Pea Guide: How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Peas.

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After you harvest a few of

After you harvest a few of those fresh peas, try this method of cooking them:
Line a skillet (one that has a good fitting lid) with lettuce leaves (the sturdier outer leaves work well). Put your shelled peas on top of the lettuce, add a little salt, butter and a VERY small amount of water. Cover with another layer of lettuce leaves then the lid. Cook over low to medium heat until the peas are done to your liking. The only thing better is eating the peas right out of their shells in the garden.

are big boy tomato seeds okay

are big boy tomato seeds okay lso beefsteak seeds? I'm in passaic county nj and just seeded indoors.. i tried rutgers store plants last season and they weren't all that big a deal,, even the taste of them weren;t a big deal.. what happened to real jersey tomatoes?

If you're asking if one

If you're asking if one tomato as good as another, it's a matter of taste. Yours as well as the tomato's. Not all of us taste the same things, and not all tomatoes taste the same (but you know that...).
Most people these days suggest growing heirloom tomatoes for taste. With heirlooms, sweetness and acidity can run the gamut from very sweet to very acidic; other "tastes" can be saltiness, hints of citrus, smokiness—even sort of aftertaste (possible caused by acidity) to name a few.
To find a tomato whose taste you like and want to grow, go to a farm stand (or a few) and taste several varieties, especially heirlooms. The farmer may even have seeds to sell! Then you can grow what you really like.
We hope this helps. Thanks for your interest in The Old Farmer's Almanac.

At 6'2" / 235. I'm not really

At 6'2" / 235. I'm not really considering going out to buy a size 14 Pump to do this technique... also I'd be afraid of losing my spot in the Poker Club.

They close the spot when they

They close the spot when they hear about your planting method but will open it up again when you bring them peas porridge hot.

But it would make such a fun

But it would make such a fun photo op. LOL

what a wonderful video I am

what a wonderful video I am not much a gardener but I see how easy it is and I am going to plant peas just for me so easy got just enough yard and sun and water thank you so much for this video.

Peas porridge hot, Peas

Peas porridge hot,
Peas porridge cold.
Peas porridge in the pot, nine days old.

Some like 'em hot,
Some like 'em cold,
Some like 'em in the pot, nine days old.

I like my peas in soup (porridge) or as a side dish; in salads, in eggs with salsa on top and in Ramen noodle soup too. ♥

peas are my favorite

peas are my favorite :)

Moist turkey, crispy skin.

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