Extending Your Growing Season: Using Row Covers, Cold Frames, and More Techniques


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Extend your growing season into the colder months so that you can harvest fresh food from your garden later in the year. Here’s a video with some ideas.

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We're not clear about your

We're not clear about your questions. Watermelons love the heat and they already have a very long growing season so they do well in the warm southern climates. They can take up to 85 days to mature. In the northern climates, you can start the growing season earlier by mulching with black plastic to warm the soil up and also used raised beds. Floating row covers can also help protect the young plants from any unseasonable frosts or cold spells. You can also start seeds indoors a few weeks before planting if you can provide warm germination. Finally, if you are concerned about the long growing season, there are early varieties that take 70 to 75 days to mature.

I grow giant watermelons for

I grow giant watermelons for a festival and need to extend the growing season in the hottest months…Any suggestions?

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