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Make Your Own Fertilizer

July 24, 2018

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There are many commercial products available to feed your plants with, but you can’t beat making your own organic fertilizer at home—and for free.

In this video, we explain the basics of plant nutrition, how this differs from plant to plant, and what to look for when buying commercial feed. We demonstrate how to make your own fertilizer and show you how to use wood ash and grass cuttings to boost soil health.

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I save my egg shells and crush them. I mix them with my coffee grounds and the tea from used tea bags. I sprinkle it all around my yard and garden. I don't have any specifics on the benefits. It seems to control pests.

I use manure tea made from

I use manure tea made from old chicken manure. It smells awful, but my plants love it. Start with some dry manure in a 5 gallon bucket. Fill with water. Cover the bucket. In a week, your will have a strong solution. Dilute this solution in your watering can and sprinkle on the ground around your plants. As the solution in the bucket gets lower, add more water. When the solution looks pallid, dump it and the manure in the bucket on your compost pile and start again with fresh manure.


I make a "tea" out of worm castings. I add some of the castings to a 5 gallon bucket, fill the bucket with water and put a small hose hat is attached to an aquarium pump for aeration in the water and turn it on. The hose has a tendency float so I tape it around the end of a 3 foot stake so it stays on the bottom of the bucket. After about 4 or 5 days I water my plants with it. A 4 lb bag of the worm castings will last all summer at a very reasonable price.

Compost tea

You are to weigh down the comfrey or the nettles but do you add water or just squish it; before it blooms, after or doesn't matter? How long does it sit? How often is a good schedule to use it? How many leaves [or plant amount] to use?

comfrey tea

You can use as many leaves as you like, 20 or more is good. And enough water to cover leaves for a stronger tea. Leave covered for a week. A little goes a long way. 2 tablespoons in a regular water can. look up 'uses for comfrey as it can also be used as a aid in your compost and also in a bath to help when you have sore muscles, or even to help if you have a sprain or bone break.


I had no idea that nettles had a use beyond being a pain! Weed them out and feed them in sounds good to me.
I usually save my egg shells, rinsed and dried off, then I crush them down and sprinkle them around my plants on the soil top. Calcium may not be one of the big 3 elements as discussed here, but my tomatoes and peppers really like it.

Video on homemade fertilizer.

As a former licensed state sprayer I really enjoyed this video. Too much commercial fertilizer is causing problems because of run-off into lakes and streams. This video of using a common plant to procure a fertilizer from it is a very cost effective as well as common sense approach to home fertilization. Thanks for this video.


I have grown carrots for a few years now and understand they do not like much nitrogen. I have been using the Gaia organic fertilizer, but this year I could only find a 4-4-4 version. My carrots this year have an abundance of green tops, but the carrots themselves seem to be very slow to mature. Is this too much nitrogen and is there a god way to make my own fertilizer with less nitrogen please? I love your video and will try to make the comfrey one as I have very few stinging nettles. Thank you.


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If you are seeing lots of foliage at the expense of roots, it could be caused by too much nitrogen in the soil. Comfrey fertilizer is normally pretty well-balanced, so it could help.

I found the video very

I found the video very helpful. I live in a town of Bridgewater and have a deck garden where I grow salad & vegetables! It is nice to grow your owe and pick fresh for summer

Thank you for your Vedio very

Thank you for your Vedio very helpful ! Enjoy more helpful news ! I have a deck garden and have been successful for growing salad and vegetables for pleasure!

Thank you for your Vedio very

Thank you for your Vedio very helpful ! Enjoy more helpful news ! I have a deck garden and have been successful for growing salad and vegetables for pleasure!


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