Full Worm Moon: March

Full Worm Moon Meaning


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What is the Full Worm Moon? We’ll explain what the Worm Moon means—plus, fun facts about the Moon illusion and why the Moon rides high or rides low.

See our March Moon Guide for more information, facts, and folklore!

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I do not understand why you

I do not understand why you didn't mention that the moon will be closest to the earth in 18 years. And how that will affect our planet

Thanks for commenting. This

Thanks for commenting. This video is about the traditional name of the March moon, The Full Worm Moon, as well as some other helpful and interesting information about the Moon. You can learn more about the "super-Moon" in March 2011 at this NASA article: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/16mar_supermoon/

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