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Gardening: The Beer Slug Board Game

The Editors

Do you have a problem with slugs in the garden? Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, has some tricks up her sleeve.

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carino (not verified)

9 years 11 months ago

Wow! Never knew these methods of dealing with slugs. Thanks.

ClaireW (not verified)

10 years ago

My composters, I have 2 beehive types, seem to be slug nurseries. So, every evening I check the outer walls of the composters for slugs heading out to the yard. I scoop them up with an old spoon and drop them into my 'Pot of Death', half filled with water, a handful of Epsom Salts, and a squirt of dish detergent. Instant death. A satisfying way to end the day!

cassyopia (not verified)

12 years 9 months ago

I have done some raised bed gardens this year and found that a 1/2 inch wide strip of copper all the way around keeps slugs and snails out of my raised beds.

rkshummingbird (not verified)

12 years 10 months ago

I didn't see the slugs on the board. I wanted to see the slugs on the board.

Ah, if only we could show you. Circumstances (time) were such that we had to do this video in one afternoon. There was not time to put out the board and come back the next day. Our goal here is to provide ideas for eliminating or reducing a common pest in the garden. We use the resources that are available (time is one of them). Thanks for your interest. If you try the boards, let us know how it goes.