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How to Make Strawberry Preserves

See how to make strawberry preserves. You can enjoy fruit all year long by preserving the summer bounty.

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Mickie (not verified)

5 years 1 month ago

I followed the recipe that was listed to the tee, yet my preserves never got thick and was more like syrup with chunks. I went back and watched the video and in the video you said to add 4 cups sugar and the written recipe says 4 1/2 cups, so I tried making it was 4 cups and it was still runny. What could I be doing wrong?

Rocio (not verified)

11 years 2 months ago

I love your receipe, simple and delicious. Could you please confirm the boiling process to keep them for a year or so? Thanks a lot, I don't want to do wrong and have an explosion of bottles in the kitchen!!!

Rocio, Thanks. The instructions in the recipe to process the jars for 15 minutes in a hot water bath is fine. According to some web sites 5 minutes is enough. See here for reference:

tattoogrl13 (not verified)

13 years ago

My first batch of this recipe came out thick and the next morning when I tried it on my toast (with goat cheese, mmmmm) it was a bit hard to spread. Tasted very good though. I think I cooked it too low which made it take a long time to reach 220 degrees. I just made my second batch with sightly higher heat and it stalled at 210 degrees. I turned up the heat and that just made it almost boil over. So I kept it at 210 for about 10 minutes and then funneled it into jars. It yielded 20 ounces more than the first batch, contributing to my theory that I messed up. I'll try the second batch in the morning to see how it tastes. Thanks for such an easy recipe that even a newbie like me can give it a shot.

And now, a day later, I can say that another 10 degrees may have made a difference; the second batch never set up. So, although it tastes amazing, its very thin. Still, I'll eat it with a smile because I made it myself. Its a pretty rewarding feeling

Miriam89 (not verified)

13 years ago

I just gave up buying Strawberry Preserves or jam because of the high price. Now that I know how to make it for myself, I'm a happy camper! Is there a way to use something other than white sugar such as one of the new no calorie sugar substitues. Thanks Annie for your video.

If you want to try a sugar substitute, just taste as you add it to the mix because it will be much sweeter than natural sugar. Additionally, you'll need to add pectin, as the sugar is a thickener--the amount you need should be listed on the pectin package. We hope this helps!