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How to Make Veggie and Lentil Chili - Video


Video instructions on how to make Slow Cooker Veggie and Lentil Chili

This video shows you how to make this Not-Too-Spicy Veggie and Lentil Chili in a slow cooker. This easy to make recipe is a must for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone just looking for a healthy and meatless dish! 

I experimented with chili, soup, and stew recipes for a long time, trying to find a combination with a lot of vegetables that my husband (who is not overly fond of vegetables), my son (who doesn’t like spicy food), and I (a vegan with celiac disease) would all enjoy. Ultimately, I found that none were satisfactory, but that if I took a few ingredients from each, I had a combination that we could all enjoy. - Erica Durian, DeKalb, Illinois

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