How to Preserve Herbs

October 20, 2015

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Fresh herbs can transform meals into something really special, but many herbs die back in winter so it’s worth preserving your harvest before this happens to ensure a continued supply through to next spring.

Air drying, microwave drying, freezing, and mixing into butter, vinegars or oils are all excellent preserving methods, and easy to do with small or large quantities of herbs.

In this short video, we show you how to preserve your homegrown herbs without sacrificing any flavour.

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Freezing pesto

Because the olive oil in pesto doesn't hard freeze, we store it in containers holding a cup or two of pesto. Then when pesto is needed for a recipe, simply scoop the amount of pesto needed out of the container and place the container back in the freezer, ready for the next meal. Great video on preserving herbs, thank you, especially blanching and ice cubing fleshy herbs. We'll try that.


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