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Memory Tricks

The Editors

Janice Stillman, Editor The Old Farmer’s Almanac, reveals Janice Stillman is back to demonstrate tips and tricks to help improve your memory and remember the name of that person you met this morning. John? Maybe Bill?

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2023 Almanac Club

Len Briscoe (not verified)

9 years 4 months ago

Dear Janice. I really enjoyed your video about the memory. I think you would enjoy reading a book called "BRING OUT THE MAGIC IN YOUR MIND by Al Koran
(A. Thomas and Co. Preston. 1964).
Al Koran was given the title of THE WORLD'S GREATEST MIND-READER AND THE FINEST MENTAL MAGICIAN IN THE WORLD. Sorry I don't have the ISBN to send you but you can look it up on Google. Best wishes Len Briscoe.
I know the Almanac is for your country and not for us in the UK, however and not but, I will look more into the magazines you have to offer and will try to choose something suitable. Len

jpkpmom@gmail.com (not verified)

12 years 10 months ago

Your Great I love you! Thanks for the words of encouragement and wisdom my dear!
your friend Jackie Peck