Most Cost-Effective Vegetables for Your Garden

Which Crops Provide the Highest Value?

January 22, 2019

Interested in which vegetable crops are most cost-effective for your home garden? Growing crops that are high-value can also make for real savings on your food bills.

Here’s a simple set of criteria you can use to choose which crops are the most valuable for your household. We’ll also suggest a range of plants which offer great value for the time and space they need to grow.

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Ihave 2 tomatoe plants in 2

Ihave 2 tomatoe plants in 2 separate pots with a little old fashioned way with some tin foel on the stem and every now and then I sprinkle used coffee grinds around the plant and a tiny bit on top...with it being in an old flower pot do I still need to keep it watered everyday or stick my finger down in the soil and make sure its still moistened?? And I don't keep it in the sun all what and if I have done anything wrong please let me know cause I sure want them to do well!! I used to know from being on a farm what to do...but I have had brain surgery and I hope that I am doing it like my grandmother taught me...but not real sure..have had them planted 1 week if I need to change I believe the time is to do it....So Please help me out and let me know..thanks for being my almanac since I was shown it to me by grandmama!!your help is always appreciated!! Thanks ....Pam

Hey, you forgot asparagus!

Hey, you forgot asparagus! It is so expensive and wonderful when home grown. I find it to be a long-lasting perenniel. It is wonderful cooked fresh, made into salads, frozen for later use, and especially good when canned in dill brine as a condiment.
Love your site, your videos and the education. Keep shining!

I've been thinking about

I've been thinking about starting asparagus. It is definitely expensive in the market. Like rhubarb, it is a perennial. I think it is also a bit picky and takes up some space.

Great video. I had been

Great video. I had been thinking this way myself. Sharing with my friends on Facebook.


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