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Nana’s Funny Cake recipe


How to Make Nana’s Funny Cake from Readers' Best Recipes

Nana’s Funny Cake is the perfect dessert for a family gathering or weekend party. The pie crust adds a unique twist to a traditional cake recipe. This cake has a delicious chocolatey layer on the bottom and a crunchy chocolate layer on top. This recipe comes courtesy of Mary Lou Knauss of Duncannon, Pennsylvania.

“My mother-in-law made this Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for years. She brought it to the family cabin whenever we spent weekends together, and it has always been a family favorite! She shared the recipe with me when I got married, along with some of her other wonderful recipes. It continues to be a requested dessert.”

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patricia anne ryan (not verified)

4 years 11 months ago

I do not see where they put a chocolate layer on the bottom of the cake. They added the cake batter but only the chocolate mix on top........