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See long range weather forecasts for the next 60 days from The Old Farmer’s Almanac! Our long range forecasts can be used to make more informed decisions about future plans that depend on the weather, from vacations and weddings to sporting events and outdoor activities.

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Note: Long range forecasts are regional, not city-specific. If your city is located inside a region, the region's forecast will apply to you.

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July 2018 Long Range Weather Forecast for Florida
DatesWeather Conditions
Jul 1-13Scattered t-storms; warm north and south, hot central
Jul 14-19Sunny north, a few t-storms central and south; warm
Jul 20-31Daily t-storms, seasonable
Julytemperature 83° (avg.)
precipitation 7.5" (1" above avg.)

August 2018 Long Range Weather Forecast for Florida
DatesWeather Conditions
Aug 1-2Sunny, cool north; heavy rain south
Aug 3-9A few t-storms, humid
Aug 10-13Sunny, hot north; t-storms, cool south
Aug 14-16T-storms, cool
Aug 17-26Daily t-storms, humid
Aug 27-31Sunny north, t-storms south; humid
Augusttemperature 81.5° (0.5° below avg.)
precipitation 10" (1" below avg. north, 6" above south)

Annual Weather Summary: November 2017 to October 2018

Winter will be milder than normal, with the coldest temperatures in early January, mid- to late January, and early February. Rainfall will be much above normal in the north and slightly above in the south. April and May will be a bit hotter and drier than normal. Summer will be slightly hotter than normal, with the hottest periods in early June, early July, and early to mid-August. Rainfall will be above normal, especially in the south. Overall, September and October will be warmer and rainier than normal. Watch for a tropical storm threat in mid-September.

Map showing Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather region number 5

About the Florida Region

The Florida long range weather region includes all or part of the following states: FLORIDA (Hialeah, Jacksonville, Miami, Saint Petersburg, Tampa).

Florida Neighboring Regions

Here are the regions that neighbor the Florida long range weather region:

Temperature and Precipitation November 2017 to October 2018

Temperature and Precipitation Graph

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The 3 Weather Zones of FLA

Florida has three distinct weather zones - North, Central and South. North - FL-GA state line to Ocala, Central - The Villages to Lake Okeechobee and South - everything south. The Gulf has a huge effect on the central sections weather. When prevailing winds are from the west this sets up the predictable summer monsoon. The north is affected by the large land mass to the north and west with the expected class of warm and moist with dry at Jacksonville most afternoons. The south is basically the Caribbean and will be the first to get storms and flow from the east. I've lived her most of life and the "old-timers" always told me that the FL weather cycle is about 40 years long (give or take 2 or 3 years). This is the pattern I remember from about 40 years ago - rain, rain, rain and a hurricane (David) in Central Florida.

South Florida rain

I was born & raised here and my Mother before me. I remember in the mid and late 60's you could set your watch by the daily afternoon rain storms
And when it changed and they didn't come it was sad. It had gaven relief from the heat. In '83 I bought a snack bar on a golf course. That winter it rained (every day) all day the whole winter. My only customers were workers. In early 70's we had a Christmas hitting 98. The red melted off the
candy canes on the tree. In '77 we had snow one day early a.m. Early 80's we had a Christmas it was a low of 28 in the daytime. My Mother and her family wintered here every year. Some winters they went swimming in January and some winters they had to light the turpentine heaters against bitter cold It is weather. I remember the same type of changes throughout the country. So sorry people are unhappy bur that is weather.
have to take the bad with the good. All good wishes!!!

florida weather

depends where you live in florida.january-april had wonderfull cold nights.was 22 in april.than bam it was 80'.west central fl.has completely different weather than say south florida.
have lived here off and on for 50 yrs and the last ten or so its been very dry.normal is drenching rain daily in june and july.we are not out of the drought.flooding doesn't mean you have had "enough" rain just that it came too fast and crappy drainage.
florida is massivelly overpopulated and overbuilt.the power plants cant keep up and are falling apart.the watertable is disappearing.resources in general are being depleted.

Far far the worst year in

Far far the worst year in Florida everyday rain rain rain been here for 28 years and moving back to the North East this year thank God

Wet Wet Wet

We have lived in Florida going on 7 years and this years is by far the wettest year ever. It has rained non-stop since the end of April and we have had 2 days that are dry and are predicted for rain for every day at 60% or higher for every single day until Oct. 2018. There are 2 other days in August with 3% rain. This is definitely, not the norm for our area. At this point here in sunny Florida it can no longer be called that. So where on earth is the Farmers Almanac even close to the truth in saying that we are below normal or normal Precipitation? I used to rely on this but NO LONGER, you are so far off it isn't even funny. Lets at least get close, like you use to be.

Rain in Florida

Have lived in FL for 35 years. Rainy season is pretty predictable - every day, approx. 3:00 p.m, amazing lightning storms. Weather gurus have rarely said we have enough rain (referring to forecasters on TV).

Think you got the drier than

Think you got the drier than normal part wrong its rained all day every day for over two weeks now

Drier than what?

It has rained every day for the last 10 days and it looks like it will be for the next 10 days. Now I am no meteorologist nor do I play one on TV. But nearly 20 days of rain, I do not believe it is drier than normal


It has rained everyday and now we’re flooded, if that dry I would hate to see wet

I forgot what rain is,

I forgot what rain is, Phoenix hasn't had any since last year