2019-2020 Long Range Weather Forecast for Saint Petersburg, FL

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October 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Florida
DatesWeather Conditions
Oct 1-4Tropical storm threat
Oct 5-18Sunny, turning cool
Oct 19-31Scattered showers, warm
Octobertemperature 75° (avg.)
precipitation 2" (2" below avg.)

November 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Florida
DatesWeather Conditions
Nov 1-5A few showers, cool
Nov 6-12Sunny, turning warm
Nov 13-23Isolated showers, cool
Nov 24-30Sunny, cool
Novembertemperature 65° (4° below avg.)
precipitation 2.5" (avg.)

Annual Weather Summary
November 2019 to October 2020

Winter will be milder and drier than normal, with the coldest temperatures in mid- and late January into early February and the second half of February. April and May will be hotter than normal, with rainfall above normal in the north and below normal in the south. Summer will be slightly cooler and drier than normal, with the hottest periods in late June, mid-July, and mid-August. Watch for tropical storm threats in mid-June and mid- to late July. September and October will be warmer and drier than normal. Watch for a hurricane threat in mid-September and a tropical storm threat in mid- to late October.

Map showing Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather region number 5

About the Florida Region

The Florida long range weather region includes all or part of the following states: FLORIDA (Hialeah, Jacksonville, Miami, Saint Petersburg, Tampa).

Florida Neighboring Regions

Here are the regions that neighbor the Florida long range weather region:

Temperature and Precipitation November 2019 to October 2020

Temperature and Precipitation Chart, November 2019 to October 2020 for Saint Petersburg, FL

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Global Warming

It snowed in Miami in 1977. Was that due to the weather getting colder? People come to Florida for the weather. There was an article I read several years ago where a scientist (I am not making this up) said that the flood in the Bible was due to global warming? It is an absolute hoax to take our money. They are having blizzards all over the country. The weather goes in cycles that is all this is.

Climate changes

When I was a child (I am old) the heat was not that noticeable to me, now it is. I'm not sure if the actual temperatures are higher but the impact on my body and health is measurable. Back in the day, during the Summer it would rain Every Day about the same time. It has not been doing that in recent years, until now. This year it rained Every Day. This year there were some record highs but I was more able to handle them. This year the humidity has been quite high but even that has not been too hard to handle.
This may be a sign of Global Warming. ...
However, It is my firm belief that Global Warming is caused by Politicians and all that Hot Air.
Stop Politicians from coming here and ruining Florida with all their Hot Air.


I have lived here for 40 years and my first summer in Florida was never this hot. I did not have air conditioning in my apartment then and I was perfectly fine. Today I would not be able to live here without it. The summer is a lot hotter compared to then and Global Warming is not a hoax. It is for real. Although the summers are a lot hotter the winters make up for the heat we feel in the summer. Too bad we have to put up with all the people and cannot enjoy our winters here as snowbirds seem to think it is okay to be on the road while we are trying to get to work in the morning and they are site seeing and driving 20 miles an hour on a highway.


What are you smoking? It's hot in Florida and freezing in NYC? Get out of here. Now if was snowing in Miami or a heat wave hit Alaska, then I would believe that Global Warming existed to the degree that CNN hypes it up but they are merely urban legends. Perhaps you also believe that aliens built the pyramids. I can produce scientists that believe in global warming but those same scientists believe in UFOs. But science isn't faith, it's results from scientific fact finding. All this weather has been empirical since the beginning of time and will remain so whether man is here or not. You shouldn't be surprised to find out that it gets very hot and damp in swampy sub-tropical destinations like Florida.

Awesome reply. I agree

Awesome reply. I agree totally. Global warming is not happening in Florida for sure. I lived here for the past 58 years and it has always been hot here especially during the summer. Not sure what these people are on who thinks it’s warmer now than yeas ago. That’s what subtropical areas in the world are. Hot during summer months. I love it.


God made it, He can control it.

Global warming is real!

What is all this scientific proof I'm hearing about on this thread that global warming is not real? I've seen plenty of research pointing in the direction that it is, but not a lot of research saying that it's not real oh, just some studies that say there's not enough evidence to support it, but nothing with evidence that it's not real. Andn global warming doesn't mean that the world is just getting hot... It means so much more than that! Explain how the ice caps are melting, and how sea levels are rising... If you know anything about Florida, and I have lived here my whole life, you know that the beaches are closer (erosion caused by rising sea levels) I mean just take a look at all of the extreme weather that we've been having!the hurricanes! the tornadoes! the earthquakes! the tsunamis! The amount of snow recorded in October and November was off the charts! There is no way that anyone can tell me that all the man-made pollution on this Earth has not affected our climate! Seems to me like the only way to be okay with ourselves and what we're doing to this beautiful, beautiful planet is to live in denial!

I enjoy marijuana. But that has little to do with the weather.

I know your heart. I know you want to help people by waking them up to the truth. But i highly recommend you learn the truth, facts and do the research yourself. Global warming is intentional. Not to mention the chemtrails being sprayed all over us to keep us dumb to the fact. I suggest you start your search with the topic Agenda 21.

Global warming is not a "hoax"

Yes it is true, cnn hypes it up but it is still a threat to us. The north Atlantic current running between the US and Iceland it slowing, causing waters to get denser and slow the flow of heat. This, therefore, means our oceans are increasing in temperature and more salt is added to the ocean as well all while we pretend everything is fine. So, global warming is not "merely and urban legend" but a future threat that promises to kill off the coming generations after our time.

Global warming

I agree with Michael.We moved to Florida in 2000. It certainly was hot to me because I lived in NY my entire life and used to the temperatures there. The first few years it seemed as hot as hell to me, but once our blood thinned I noticed the summers weren't as hot as it was when we moved here. Not Global warming but getting used to a new area, namely biological, my own physical biology. As you said if it were snowing in Miami we'd have something to worry about. It's been proven that the crazies that propose global warming traveled around to find people who would agree with them. Other scientists do not agree with them. I have a theory of my own. Perhaps the axis has dipped a little and it got warmer in the northern areas and cooler in the southern areas and the reverse on the other side of the globe, just a theory but makes more sense than what Global Warming folks preach.