2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for London, ON

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April 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Southern Ontario
DatesWeather Conditions
Apr 1-4Sunny, cool
Apr 5-11Rain, then sunny, mild
Apr 12-14Sunny, cool
Apr 15-19Rain, then sunny, cool
Apr 20-24Showers, warm
Apr 25-30Rainy periods, cool
Apriltemperature 6°C (1° below avg.)
precipitation 80mm (10mm below avg. east, 40mm above west)

May 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Southern Ontario
DatesWeather Conditions
May 1-4Rainy east, sunny west; cool
May 5-11Rainy periods, cool
May 12-14Sunny, cool
May 15-23A few showers; warm, then cool
May 24-28Sunny, cool
May 29-31Showers, warm
Maytemperature 10.5°C (2° below avg.)
precipitation 95mm (20mm above avg.)

Annual Weather Summary
November 2018 to October 2019

Winter temperatures will be close to normal, on average, with above-normal precipitation and snowfall. The coldest periods will be in mid- and late December, early and late January, and early February. The snowiest periods will be in early December, mid-February, and early to mid-March. April and May will be cooler than normal, with above-normal precipitation. Summer will be cooler and rainier than normal. The hottest periods will be from late June into early July and in early to mid-July and mid-August. September and October will be cooler and rainier than normal.

Map showing Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather region number 3

About the Southern Ontario Region

The Southern Ontario long range weather region includes all or part of the following provinces: ONTARIO (Alliston, Amherstburg, Barrie, Bolton, Bradford, Brantford, Chatham, Cobourg, Collingwood, Elliot Lake, Fergus, Fort Erie, Georgetown, Guelph, Haileybury, Hamilton, Ingersoll, Kenora, Kitchener, Leamington, Lindsay, London, Midland, Milton, North Bay, Orangeville, Orillia, Oshawa, Owen Sound, Paris, Peterborough, Port Hope, Sarnia, Simcoe, Stouffville, Stratford, Strathroy, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Tillsonburg, Timmins, Toronto, Uxbridge, Wallaceburg, Windsor, Woodstock).

Southern Ontario Neighboring Regions

Here are the regions that neighbor the Southern Ontario long range weather region:

Temperature and Precipitation November 2018 to October 2019

Temperature and Precipitation Chart, November 2018 to October 2019 for London, ON

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April 27, 2019

Any idea what the weather will be on this day?


April 27th

Hi Alyssa. April 27th is predicted to be very nice and warm. I'm not sure what your location is but it could be anywhere from 22-26 C in southern Ontario. It should be the warmest weekend in April.

Thank you!! Appreciate your

Thank you!! Appreciate your response

warmest weekend in April

Perfect, not only is it my birthday weekend, but I will be off work from the 27th to the 2nd of may. Ya Hoo!!!!!

Hey! Getting married on June

Hey! Getting married on June 8th and 9th in Waterloo. What’s the weather supposed to be like??

Wedding July 5, 2019

I am getting married on July 5, 2019 in a Cambridge, ON any idea what the weather will be that day?

July Forecast

Hi Nicole, it's probably a good thing that your having your wedding on Friday the 5th instead of on the 6th because there will most likely be a thunderstorm on Saturday the 6th. It's also possible that there's a thunderstorm late on Friday and rain continuing after midnight but your wedding will be over with by then but confidence is very high for rain on July 6th. The 5th will most likely be very warm and humid unfortunately. But it's better then being too cold in my opinion.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. I can take a thunderstorm after midnight as long as the wedding day will be clear. I can take hot, sunny and humid any day!

July 29-August 9, 2019

Going to the cottage in Wasaga Beach, Ontario hoping the weather will be for me and the family??

August 10 Wedding

Getting married August 10 in Newcastle, ON. Any idea what the weather will be like as it's an outdoor venue. Any help would be great.