2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Eugene, OR

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May 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Pacific Northwest
DatesWeather Conditions
May 1-11Rainy periods, cool
May 12-18Showers, turning warm
May 19-21Sunny, cool
May 22-26Rain, then sunny, warm
May 27-31Rainy, turning cool
Maytemperature 55° (avg.)
precipitation 1.5" (0.5" below avg.)

June 2019 Long Range Weather Forecast for Pacific Northwest
DatesWeather Conditions
Jun 1-14Sunny, very warm
Jun 15-20Showers, cool
Jun 21-25Sunny; hot, then cool
Jun 26-30Showers, cool
Junetemperature 63° (3° above avg.)
precipitation 1" (0.5" below avg.)

Annual Weather Summary
November 2018 to October 2019

Winter will be warmer and much rainier than normal, with below-normal snowfall. The coldest periods will occur in early and late December, early January, and mid- and late February, with the snowiest periods in early January and mid-February. April and May will be warmer and drier than normal. Summer will be warmer and drier than normal, with the hottest temperatures in mid- to late July and early and mid-August. September and October will be warmer and slightly drier than normal.

Map showing Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather region number 15

About the Pacific Northwest Region

The Pacific Northwest long range weather region includes all or part of the following states: CALIFORNIA (Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, McKinleyville, Yreka), OREGON (Beaverton, Eugene, Gresham, Portland, Salem), WASHINGTON (Bellevue, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver).

Pacific Northwest Neighboring Regions

Here are the regions that neighbor the Pacific Northwest long range weather region:

Temperature and Precipitation November 2018 to October 2019

Temperature and Precipitation Chart, November 2018 to October 2019 for Eugene, OR

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I agree...contrails and chemtrails are 2 completely different things! Look it up people!

Believe it

You don't believe it because you wish to remain willfully ignorant and believe conspiracy bullshit.. educate your self as someone tried to do for you...

Chemtrails / Contrails

Contrails (water vapor) disappear a few seconds after being produced. Chemtrails do NOT disappear except after several hours.


Tell that to all the clouds, which just so happen to be..............you guessed it, water vapor! If doubt still plagues you, do further research. When up at 37,000 feet, all clouds and contrails are ice crystals. Something else to think about is fog. Fog is water vapor. Does it disappear, or does it sock in?


contrails go away shortly after. chemtrails stay and spread almost creating there own clouds.

Contrails VS Chemtrails

Particulates and heavy metals are added to aircraft fuel which are then atomized into the atmosphere upon fuel combustion. It's why the California fires burned so hot and so fast... fire makes it's own wind currents in addition to those present. Testimony from seasoned firefighters reveal that they had never witnessed fires of this magnitude ever in their careers. Several mentioned that the Paradise area appeared to have been sprayed with fuel .......this is only one result of contrails........ take a deep breath...... you're breathing this stuff no matter where you live.....

Paradise Fire

The Paradise fire spread so rapidly do to that it needed to be select logged, called thinning to get rid of the dead wood, and by Santa Ana winds. I'v had the opportunity to talk to people from there that survived that inferno and they had asked for years why it wasn't being cleaned up and there voices were muted by environmental groups and the Govt. When you allow a forest to die due to disease and to many trees with out thinning and low water, and then combine that with, as the meteorologists and forest service people said, was the hottest and highest winds in decades, you have the perfect combination for a fire for the decades. Please educate yourself with facts and not just airplane rhetoric.

Chemtrails and rain

It was brought to my attention that chemtrails (geo-engineering) were present 3-5 days before a rain. I started watching. There could be no chemtrails for weeks and then there they were. I counted days and sure enough, within 4 days, they were followed by rain. What does that mean? Are they bringing rain? Are they an attempt to block rain? Is it a natural atmospheric phenomenon?

Chem Trails vs Contrails

I searched youtube there's lots out there about this - one biologist against geoengineering started crying during her presentation based on her concerns and another scientist for geoengineering is working on using sulfur by aerosol to deflect the sun rays being necessary because the earth is heating up at a rapid rate....not all scientists or politicians agree on the spraying. Al Gore a billionaire now, he discovered Climate Change in the early 90's. The most important topic today is "Climate Change". Google chem trails, all sites connected to Google are at the top; fact check, Wikipedia etc they shut it down as conspiracy theory by naming such as far right wing truthers, conspiracy theorists ...but actually it is no longer a conspiracy it's widely approved by certain scientists and political leaders - it is science and lobbying that determines action and outcome. San Francisco is painting their streets white... Will it fix things? Who knows. All you can do is write your leaders and congressmen with concerns because it's happening now.

Conspiracy garbage..

One that uses youtube as proof of something instead of peer reviewed studies is likely one you can say is a conspiracy moron.. if you knew what fact checking was you wouldn't be talking out of your ass about this shit here.. they got shutdown as conspiracy theory because that's exactly what they are.. it is NOT widely approved by scientists that's just your wishful thinking and conspiracy videos talking.

Global warming is a real thing. Chemtrails is a made up conspiracy.